Saturday, July 23, 2011


The moment she saw this colourful Michael Miller “Messy Hands” fabric on Linda’s blog earlier this year Di B decided it was just perfect for the children’s quilts St Mark’s Quilters make for the “Marcia” kindy and RPA Blankets of Love.

Expert fabric sleuth that she is, she soon tracked it down, and lucky Liz has been the first to use it.


Doesn’t this remind you of messy finger-painting and giggles?


The starry aqua backing complements it perfectly too. Liz, you’ve done a great job!



  1. It IS the perfect fabric, isn't it? Great detective work, Di B. I love what Liz has done with it. And the label looks fantastic. I'm sure that's your handiwork, Di!

  2. It does remind me of giggles!! Whoever gets this quilt will be sure to smile!!

  3. Very cute! I made my grandson a blanket out of a similar flannel fabric when he was born 19 years ago. He carried it around so much it was ragged and he still wouldn't let go. So I made him another and exchanged it when the first went for a washing. We just told him the washing machine could magically make his old one new again and he never knew. :) blessings, marlene


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