Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby, it’s cold outside

Winter has arrived with a vengeance here on the east coast of Australia.

On a bone-chillingly cold day like today it would have been quite understandable if the lure of hot coffee, sweet nibbles, ugg boots and an exciting quilt project to work on in cosy surroundings had kept our St Mark’s Quilters at home.


But they didn’t give a hoot about the cold! Winking smile

Quilt in progress by Di C

For our monthly workshop it was all hands on deck Be right backas a grand total of 14 quilters came through the door over the course of the day.

(Hover your mouse over each photo in this post to see whose work it is)

Quilt in progress by Liz

We’re currently making Blankets of Love, little quilts to be given to grieving parents whose tiny bubs don’t survive their journey into the world, or whose first days are spent in Newborn Intensive Care.

A few quilts have been finished since last month’s workshop.

Quilt by Gail D

Quilt by Gail D

Quilt by Di C

Quilt by Margaret

Amanda made friends with the open toe walking foot, and used the Hera marker to rule her guidelines.

By the end of the day she had finished the quilting and attached the binding ready for some relaxing hand stitching at home.

Amanda's Quilt in progress

Michelle laid out her blocks for a raggy quilt.

Michelle's quilt in progress

Perdita started a new baby quilt in my very favourite colour Open-mouthed smile

Perdita's quilt in progress

And Helen was knitting squares for Wrap with Love.

Helen's knitting

On a day when the weather outside was distinctly lacking in warmth, in our hall at St Mark’s we had it all (almost) - hot coffee, sweet nibbles, and an exciting quilt project to work on in cosy surroundings.

There wasn’t an ugg boot in sight, but there was the warmth that creating quilts with like-minded souls always brings. 



  1. It's so nice to read of "cold" when it's so hot and humid here. :) Helps my brain cool down!

  2. 'Blankets of Love' is such a touching project. Liz's quilt with the handprints actually made me tear up... it's so thoughtful.

  3. It was wonderful being there with you. I'm impressed that you had such a grand turn-out! Wow. Because everyone here is involved with summer activities, our Hope Quilters group was small with only seven to start with, and then four had to leave. We called it quits after just a couple hours. So, it's especially heart-warming to see the lovelies your quilters are making. That Di C. is something, isn't she? Love Margaret's blue and white quilt too. You're doing a beautiful job leading these efforts. Bless you all.

    And aren't you a clever duck to figure out that hover technique! I'm impressed.


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