Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Frederica Josephson quilt in the making

Rae has caught the bug! These little hexagons are so portable – and addictive. 

In fact, the Frederica Josephson Quilt from Kim McLean’s pattern in Dr Annette Gero’s book “The Fabric of Society” is the perfect take-along project. 

Little by little, piece by piece, they come together in moments of spare time, each one a little treasure. English Quilt Group June 2011

A gold star for your fussy cutting, Rae Star


  1. Lovely fussy cutting indeed! I even recognise some of the fabrics as being in my stash.

  2. What a lovely collage! These are such pretty prints, Rae. You ALMOST make me want to get mine back out again to finish it. But I didn't do nearly as good of a job choosing prints, as you did!

  3. The rose fabric I used in my very first quilt ever. I love your fussy cutting!!

  4. Exquisite. I first saw this quilt in the header of the blog called Secret Sewing Sisters, done in shades of blues and tan. I really want to make one but cannot find the book on Amazon. I am hoping my library will be able to find it for me.


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