Sunday, June 19, 2011

Warm as toast

Jack’s Mummy and Daddy, along with a bunch of good friends, took him on his very first camping trip last weekend. As I’ve told you, winter has certainly arrived with a vengeance, so I made him this woollen beanie and pair of mittens to keep him warm.





Teamed up with the red cardigan I knitted him little Jack looks very snug, don’t you think?

Cap and Mittens

And he isn’t even bothered by those cute but silly ears     … yet!


Di   Bunny


  1. Your grand-bub is adorable, especially in the duds made by his Granny! Love the ears on the cap. I'm so very impressed with your knitting skills. You do the nicest work which I'm sure Jack also appreciates.

  2. How very cute!! And toasty warm, too.

  3. That is the cutest photo!! What a little cherub with his beautiful knitted lovelies to keep him warm. The ears are very cute!!


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