Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Southern Cross Quilters 2005 Retreat Quilt - revisited

Way back in 2005 when the online quilting group Southern Cross Quilters (known as Scquilters) held its annual retreat in Sydney I was somehow inveigled into designing a quilt for the retreatees.  (To be truthful, I didn’t need much of a nudge and I really loved the challenge!)

Each person attending was given a copy of my quilt pattern in their “goody bag”, and if they so chose they could make it up as a sort of quilty souvenir of the occasion.


I called the quilt “My Sydney Snapshots” and it featured ‘Suzie Scquilter’ in the foreground of all the photos she had taken of Sydney’s iconic landmarks – the Opera House, Bondi Beach, Centrepoint Tower, Luna Park, the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Sydney Harbour Bridge to name a few.


Not only had Suzie hogged her photos but she had also draped the buildings in quilt blocks appropriate to the venue. 

So the Bondi Pavilion had Ocean Waves, the entrance to Luna Park had Paths and Styles, the Opera House had Windswept Square, and the Sydney Cricket Ground where Suzie watched a Sydney Swans (AFL) game had Flying Geese!


So why am I telling you this?  Because last week I discovered a Scquilter who has actually made a quilt using my stitchery designs!  What’s even more exciting is that Sally has adapted (and improved) them to make a quilt that is uniquely hers and fabulous!


I particularly love the way she’s given my stitcheries a touch more colour, and she’s actually made up larger versions of the 8 quilt block designs, depicted in miniature in the stitcheries, and set them into her border.

Take a look at Sally’s blog to see how she backed her quilt.  It’s as colourful and fun as the front!

Those of you who’ve been designing for some time will probably think me a little silly, but to me it was incredibly exciting to hear from Sally and to see her work. 

You’ve made this quilt designer very happy, Sally!


  1. How fun for you to see your designs stitched up! Yours are creative and great just as they are, and it's neat to see how Sally personalized them with her colors and other pieced blocks. Am I guessing correctly that she has taken a little license to make the Harbour Bridge span to Tas? You're right, the back is wonderful too. What a great team you made in putting together design, creativity, and color! Good on you!

  2. I love your quilt about all things Sydney!! Do you have this pattern for sale??


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