Friday, December 18, 2009

Challenging fabrics

Back when we first announced our Stitchin’ Mission Di B and I were overwhelmed with the generosity of our friends and folk here at St Marks who dug deep into their pockets and fabric stashes to help make it all possible.

All the fabric was useable, but some was a little more challenging to use, and this week I’ve been busy making a couple more quilts out of some of these.

I was given a whole bag of flannel in the most wonderful children’s colours and designs. However, since flannel can be tricky to handle, I decided not to add it to the stash of fabrics we made available to our newbies. I didn’t want to put them off before they got started!

I plan to use all this warm, snuggly fabric in our Stitchin’ Mission quilts over the next 6 months, but will probably make it up myself.

Here’s the first one, pinned ready for tying.

[By the way, the plain squares in this Quarry Stones quilt are a bright daffodil yellow, but the poor light hasn’t done it justice.]

IMG_2523 IMG_2528 As you can see, making every corner meet proved too much of a challenge for me too! However, after all the intersections had been tied with coloured wool, all evidence of my poor quiltmaking skills was gone. Easy! (Shhhh…..Don’t tell anyone!)

Linda’s advice, to simply back the quilt with flannel and leave it without a batting, turned out well as the quilt was quite thick enough already. It will be very cuddly for the little tot who eventually receives it.

I’m currently stitching on the binding – red with white spots – and will post pics of the finished quilt very soon. [Yes, this time I’ll take it out into better light.]


  1. This is adorable! Thinking of how snuggly it must be with flannel makes me want one for myself. (Winter does that, you know.) How lucky are those kids who will receive your quilts!?

  2. I just finished a flannel quilt for my grandson and I didn't put a batting in it either. I like the weight of it with a flannel backing because I think a little one can drag it around easier. My corners didn't all match either but since I quilted it rather than tied I guess they'll show. Luckily my grandson isn't a quilter and won't know the difference. :) I'm amazed at your stack of quilts to be donated and I'm thankful for your generousity. So many children will be blessed. blessings, marlene


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