Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm not saying my sister and I are alike ..

But here we are at last year's family Christmas gathering, neither realising the other had bought the same pink floral skirt to wear on Christmas Day.

And here we are yesterday, with our parents, at this year's Christmas family gathering! At least we're not wearing the same clothes this time, just the same shade of aqua - a colour I haven't worn in years!
[Perhaps we should discuss what we'll be wearing before next Christmas Day..... :-)]

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  1. Your family is beautiful, Di! You and your sister are so cute - dressing alike. Your turquoise is very pretty, but you don't look as much like "Di" as you do when you're wearing pink. Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  2. You obviously both have good taste......and look lovely.

  3. Oh Di... that would spoil the fun! Just rock up and enjoy the nice surprise when you've both co-ordinated beautifully again :-)
    Lovely photos too...
    Cheryl xx


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