Thursday, June 27, 2013


It’s no secret that the last 10 months have been the hardest in my life. Even now there are moments when I wonder if I’ll wake up and find it’s all just been a very bad dream.


I’ve been blessed with the most loving, caring and generous family and friends who’ve stood by me even when I’ve been a proper misery-guts and not fun to be around. And God has patiently held me close while I’ve kept on asking “Why?”.

The future is still unclear, but I’m more confident than ever that God has a plan for me, even if I’m unimpressed with his timing.

The last few weeks have brought some welcome sunshine in my life. It began with my Daisy a Day quilt being chosen as one of the three Viewers’ Choice winners in Amy’s Bloggers’ Quilt Festival.


When sponsor Vicki Welsh asked me which stash pack I’d like as part of my prize I chose her “Sunshine” pack because I love what a touch of yellow does for my quilts. Vicki sells the prettiest hand-dyed fabrics in her Etsy shop.


These delicious fabrics and Mistyfuse will be wonderful for my newly-begun hand applique project! Thank you so much, Vicki.


A few weeks later I won a local photographic competition with this photo, taken on a gloriously sunny Australia Day in January this year. I’m so excited about my prize, a course in camera craft at the Australian Centre for Photography. I really need this – but first I need to buy a DSLR camera.


Then a quick entry in Good Reading Magazine’s giveaway on Facebook won me a copy of this thriller. I can’t wait for it to arrive.


My next little grandbaby, due in September, continues to thrive.


Best of all, I might soon have a new home where I will wake every morning to this expansive, green view. Hope I can tell you more soon!


Life is gradually looking up and becoming sunnier.


Red rose Di


  1. I love how you see the blessings. You're an inspiration Di! And I hope the new home dream comes true! xx

  2. You have posted four wonderful moments in your life this year.... I have to admit that the photography class seems like a new path to wander and grow and learn and use for the other items as well. Hugs dear Di.

  3. Sunshine always breaks through the clouds eventually, doesn't it? Your new home looks interesting.......Chester will love that green space!

  4. What a happy, sunny post! It's just great that you've had all these fortunate wins lately! Yay for your efforts, and your luck! The win with your photo, and those camera lessons are almost the best. But the new view will be the most appreciated and enjoyed. How glad I am for the turn-around in your circumstances. You deserve all this!

  5. I find counting my blessings always helps. So nice that you had three good things happen in your life right now. :)

  6. Di it is so lovely for you to be able to see some "sunshine" at last. I can't believe how the time flies by, 10 months, wow. It is so inspiring for you to have such wonderful things happen so that you get that peek of sunshine, everything you love doing and have fun with. And that beautiful little grandbubby to look forward too, thats busyness in a bundle of sunshine all on its own. Once again I must tell you how much I adore your daisy a day quilt, that is sunshine in a bundle for me to look at. Sending you much more sunshine ahead.

  7. thank you for sharing, Di. So pleased for the rays of sunshine entering your life!

  8. Hi Di, What fabulous things have been happening to you, all those prizes and!!! All in such a short time too. I guess I don't know what has been happening previously in your life, but in the areas of luck, personal skill recognition, and blessings, you seem to have it all. I'd be thrilled to have just one of the rays of sunshine that have appeared in your life. Congratulations on all your successes and blessings, and may they lift you out of any grey days.

  9. Wow! What wonderful things have happened to you in a short space of time. I'd be thrilled to have just one of them....personal recognition for your stitching and photography skills, winning a book and now a new little life, so many blessings all at once...each a ray of sunshine all by itself. I don't know what happened over the last 10 months but these things certainly seem to be pretty wonderful. I saw your quilt and bought the templates because I was so inspired and want to make a joyous quilt like that too.

  10. You made me smile Dy, lovely post :-)

  11. love that quilt! I made one in different colorways last year. Love Vicki's fabric.

  12. Di, I hope that someday i can meet you face to face and give you a big hug. Your positive attitude is contagious, even through the internet! Blessings to you.

  13. I am so far behind with blog reading and when I do read, I rarely comment but I just had to drop in and say that you amaze me with your love and generosity in the midst of very trying circumstances. God is blessing you in many ways but that's because He knows He can trust you to bless others as you have been blessed. Like Carla, I look forward to the day I can meet you face to face (and we live in the same city!) *hugs*


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