Saturday, June 8, 2013

More from St Mark’s Quilters

You saw Perdita quilting this one last month, and here it is, finished. Voila!


Gail’s owls look wonderful with that striped sashing and binding.


Cath’s sailing boats look positively summery, and she’s even quilted it on her longarm machine with a sailing boat pattern.


But the brightest spot of the day was in fact …ahem…Spot the dog! I think Gillian must have had fun making these.



Two quilt tops were finished in today’s workshop.


Di B’s charm square quilt, made from a downloadable free pattern from Pink Chalk Fabrics. It’s the Line Dance Baby Quilt and you can download it here.


And a bright teddy bear quilt from Susan and Sophie making clever use of a printed panel and co-ordinating borders.


Finally I must show you the exquisite framed cross-stitch Susan brought in for “show and tell” today. As well as meticulously working the counted cross-stitch she has made those flowers on the hat from silk ribbons. And yes, those are tiny beads, several dozen of them adding dimension and depth to this etherial picture. Clever Susan!

Red rose Di


  1. Once again your Quilters have excelled. :)
    Thanks for showing us, and thank you, also, to Susan for allowing you to show us her picture. It's beautiful! Such detail. :)

  2. What a beautiful picture.....and such great quilts! My sons used to love Spot the dog.

  3. Such charming quilts! Your quilters have again outdone themselves with designs and effort. Love Di B.'s Line Dance quilt. Thanks for the link! The CCS piece is beautiful. Susan spent a LOT of time on that one; the framing suits it perfectly.

  4. What a lot of bright happy quilts!! The cross stitch is so beautiful, especially with the added embellishments.


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