Monday, June 24, 2013

More entries in the Sydney Quilt Show by my inspirational friends


Forever Diamonds – by Sue Robbins


A Humble Quilt – by Margy Syrett


Easy Street (from Bonnie K Hunter’s pattern) – by Margy Syrett


Lime Star – by Sue Rowles


Shining Light – by Aviva Fox


Easy Street – by Sue Rowles


And finally, Rainbow Connection – a collaborative effort by the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild.

(From a pattern in Tacha Bruecher’s book, Hexa-Go-Go 2012)


Look who we have here!

It’s Team Di, enjoying a very tiny bit of the limelight after contributing a grand total of two blocks each, out of 49, to this spectacular quilt.

They’re all in the top row. Di B’s are the blue and the green (#6 and #7) at the right hand end, and mine are the yellow/orange and the deep pink block (#2 and #4). So many others did the majority of the stitching and piecing, including a very pregnant Jenn, and Sel machine quilted it. They did a fabulous job!

Red rose Di


  1. I think your two blocks are the prettiest...giggle. Lovely quilt.

  2. Love the collaborative quilt and the diamonds!!Are the squares made of hexagons?? Great work Sue and all of you!

  3. Wow Di! Your friends are so amazing. I loved all these quilts when I saw them at the show. Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Sure love seeing these quilts! And the quilting on them gives good ideas for my own quilting. The last quilt is the best! I'm proud of you two for contributing blocks to this beauty.

  5. Beautiful quilts indeed. Love the collaborative quilt. I just couldn't face Darling Harbour without DD this year, especially when I'd just arrived home from a wonderful holiday on the day it opened!


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