Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May Photo a Day Digest 3

While I had my head turned with all the excitement of the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival June arrived and quietly made herself at home. I haven’t even finished sharing my May Photo a Day shots (\0/) so let’s remedy that and do a quick catch-up over the next couple of days, shall we? Day 14 - Need[2]

Day 14 – Need

A place to call home.

Day 15 - 7 o'clock

Day 15 – 7 o’clock

The early morning sunshine just kissing the church steeple.

Day 16 - Mailbox

Day 16 – Mailbox

The most exciting thing that’s arrived in my mailbox this year – tickets to a craft show inside a sunglasses case handmade by Sarah, and a wine bottle stopper topped with a black labrador. Gorgeous!

Day 17 - Season

Day 17 – Season

Autumn is the most colourful season!

Day 18 - Want

Day 18 – Want

Day 19 - My favourite view

Day 19 – My favourite view

Rushcutters Bay, on beautiful Sydney Harbour.

Day 20 - Light

Day 20 – Light

First light over the Sea of Galilee, seen from the Scots Hotel, Tiberias.

(photo taken on last year’s trip).

Red rose Di

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