Saturday, June 22, 2013

Samplers that Sing

Every year I go to the Sydney Quilt Show I’m excited to see more and more quilts made by my friends. This year my talented quilting buddies, Di B and Sue Murtagh, entered sampler quilts that were the result of a happy, and often hilarious, collaboration over two years.



Di’s Singing the Blues (above) and Sue’s Learning Curve No 1 (below) are in different colourways and differ slightly in their selection of blocks, but these two friends spent many hours together comparing notes, techniques and fabric as each created her uniquely beautiful quilt.



Both Sue and Di machine quilted their quilts on a home machine using the quilt-as-you-go technique.


Several months ago Di let me take more detailed photos of her quilt, but I put off posting them until Singing the Blues had made her debut.


It wasn’t easy to keep it under wraps Winking smile




I reckon a quilter’s entitled to be just a little excited at having her first quilt hung in an exhibition, especially when it’s turned out so well.


Red rose Di


  1. Just beautiful! These ladies did a tremendous job. Inspirational to say the very least.

  2. Congratulations to Di and Sue! I saw, and admired, both of these quilts at the show.

  3. WOW! great quilts and so nice to see the ladies with big smiles. Say "hi" to them for me. Congratulations on two wonderful quilts.

  4. Great to see their beautiful quilts and their gorgeous smiles. Please say "hi" to them for me. I love the quilts.

  5. Both quilts look fabulous. I have been considering QAYG for a awhile, but this makes up my mind, seeing those quilts hanging so beautifully.

  6. 2 wonderful quilts!! I remember them from the show. It's great to see the photos of the quilters.

  7. Oh that Di B! She's such an always-happy person. She makes me smile to see her looking so exuberant about having a quilt in the show. I wonder that you didn't get a picture of her clicking her heels! Singing the Blues is wonderful! Di SHOULD be grinning ear-to-ear over that one - so much time went into it. I'm impressed with her appliqué and machine quilting. Just lovely. Congratulations to both of these quilters for their great efforts.


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