Sunday, June 16, 2013

June Photo a Day Digest 1

Day 1 - B is for

Day 1 – B is for… basin

This is the washbasin in my brand new (renovated) bathroom.

Day 2 - A moment

Day 2 – A moment

Sun glinting on the windows of an apartment building in that moment before the sun finally disappears over the horizon.

Day 3 - On my table

Day 3 – On your table

I made this miniature bear.

Day 4 - After dark

Day 4 – After dark.

The Sydney Opera House lit up for the Vivid winter light festival.

Day 5 - Environment

Day 5 – Environment

Day 6 - Transport

Day 6 – Transport

Mr J riding his scooter with his Daddy guiding.

Day 7 - Bright

Day 7 – Bright

Tonight I attended my godson’s birthday dinner and the table was decked out in his favourite colours, orange and bright green!

Red rose Di

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  1. I love your photos. Beautiful glimpses of life. The little teddy bear has such a sweet smile.


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