Saturday, June 29, 2013

June Photo a Day Digest 3

Day 15 - From above

Day 15 – From above

Sawn off trunk of an Australian native grass tree.

Day 16 - Family

Day 16 – Family


Day 17 - Centred

Day 17 – Centred

Brass door knocker on the centre of a door in Venice, taken on holidays 3 years ago.


Day 18 – Street



Day 19 – Currently reading

This is the sweetest, must touching story. I recommend it!


Day 20 – Cute

Young Chester looks so cute hanging over the front stone wall waiting for passers by to stop and give him a pat.


Day 21 – Lunchtime

Lunch on the run.


Red rose Di


  1. Loved all the photos, but of course Chester stole the show...:) What a great dog! Miss having pups.


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