Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quilting as therapy

They say taking ginkgo brahmi tablets, tackling cryptic crosswords and playing bridge are three of the best ways to preserve your memory and keep your intellect nice and sharp, but my quilting buddy Di B has come up with another, and I really like this one – Quilting!

This week she made this pretty mug bag for her lovely mum, Margaret to take to quilting.

Look what that cheeky Di’s printed on the side of Margaret’s bag!

Mug Bag 05.12 004


Mug Bag 05.12 003

Mug Bag 05.12 007

Margaret never misses a St Mark’s Quilters day or a morning with Paddington Quilters.


She creates the prettiest Blankets of Love out of tiny scraps.



I think Di B’s mug bag message is definitely working for Margaret - she has truckloads more marbles than I have!

Mug Bag 05.12 002

Footnote: Here’s the mug bag I made Di B a while ago.


Don’t worry, you’ll come to no harm around our Di - she’s much more likely to give you a ‘killer hug’!   Angel




  1. Love those sweet little quilts.....and those mug bags are very swish!

  2. I love Margaret's quilts - they are so pretty. And your bags are too funny!

  3. What a hoot! Yes, that Margaret has LOTS of marbles, but every one of them is accounted for! Margaret, your quilts are absolutely luscious! I love, love, love them. Di B, you made a darling gift for your mum. You are so danged talented! All of you!

  4. That last bag - that would be for me. :) blessings, marlene


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