Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Plenty - “a full or abundant supply or amount”. 

Thinking back to last Saturday’s St Mark’s Quilters sewing day this is the word that most comes into my mind.

Having forgone our April get-together (through circumstances beyond our control), some of us were getting mighty twitchy and feeling in great need of a day of quilt-creating, news-sharing and fun.

Susie arrived with a huge armful of aromatic herbs - basil, parsley and thyme - freshly harvested from her garden, for all of us to help ourselves.

Susie with herbs

There were fresh new baby quilts in abundance too.


Too many, in fact, to squeeze into one photograph.


And there was a sense of achievement in abundance as our newbies reached the final stage in their quiltmaking journey, with a lesson on applying the binding. Suddenly their baby quilts started to look almost finished. Susan’s finished two quilts already, and Sophie’s bright pink starry binding is looking fabulous!


Sarah and Judy finished machining theirs too, and went home feeling mighty pleased with themselves, as they ought, to hand sew the final seam. Unfortunately they escaped my camera lens – though they’re probably pleased about that too!

Margaret worked away creating quilt-as-you-go strippy quilts from the pretty, too-good-to-waste fabrics in our overflowing scrap tubs.


There were plenty of cheers all around when Perdita held up her finished Star quilt top.


Helen’s pile of cosy knitted squares continues to grow. One day these chenille softies will be sewn together into a rug for someone battling life’s challenges and in need of a big, warm hug (don’t we all need one sometimes?)


There was concentration aplenty too, as pieces of fabric became beautiful quilts in the hands of imaginative quilters such as Michelle and Gillian.




Most of all, in our hall on Saturday there was plenty of love and caring, both for each other as we talked of our families, friends, the good times and the bad since we were last together, and for the (as yet unborn) little ones and their families who will one day receive our tiny Blankets of Love.


Amanda and Gail

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  1. Plenty indeed. Congratulations to you all.

  2. What a lot of lovely ladies...and the goodies are gorgeous too

    I used to be the sew person to our local blankets with love knitting group as I do a mean invisible seam on knitting! If you need anybody to sew those squares together or any hand sewing I can do from home am happy to do it

    I found a few of my bags of children's fabric for your group as well di


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