Monday, May 21, 2012

I spy…

When I arrived at Lyn’s house for the English Quilt girls’ May stitching day last week I spied Lyn, Robbie, Jill, and …… no-one else!

Rae, Gail, Anne and Wendi were elsewhere, all of them up to exciting life adventures, some of which I might be allowed to share with you down the track. For now, though, I’m afraid my lips are (reluctantly) sealed.

Instead let me cheer you up with a few bright and beautiful I Spy quilts from Lyn’s huge collection.


With Jill’s first grandbaby expected later this year she’s doing what every card-carrying quilter/nanna does. She’s planning a quilt, in her case an “I Spy” quilt.


Jill asked Lyn for some ideas, and these were just a few.


This Jan Mullens airplanes pattern is lots of fun!


What a treat! Which is your favourite?



  1. Wow! What great quilts - I'm inspired to get going with the pieces I bought (pre-cut) for my grandsons' quilt now! (But I've got other things I have to finish first!)

  2. What fantastic and super coloured quilts. You guessed it, the first on your blog, the royal blue quilt is "very me". Well done with all your quilts Lyn, and I really love the border on the royal blue one too. You've really inspired me as I've been considering an 'I Spy' quilt for some time. What a lovely group, thanks for sharing their work.

  3. I'm to be a granny any day now so this was a timely post Di.
    Love them all and a couple are on my list.


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