Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Checking in

Enjoying the delicious aroma of roast chicken (cooked by my darling husband!) wafting up from the kitchen as I snatch a few minutes to update my blog.


Appreciating the huge bunch of long-stemmed roses my mother sent us a week ago to say “Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary”, and which are still looking wonderful in their vase.


Watching “For the Love of Books” on Studio (Foxtel channel 132 in Australia)) every Monday night at 8.30pm for the insightful and entertaining banter between three very opinionated (but oh, so likeable) book reviewers – Cheryl Akle, Michael Campbell and Lachlan Jobbins (who I know quite well).

Wrapping up one of the books reviewed on the show, The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman, to give to my mother for her birthday this week. (It’s OK, she doesn’t read my blog).light_between_oceans

Click here to buy it from Book Depository.

Praying this precious little man is feeling better after a week of being unwell, and hoping his Mummy and Daddy are getting more sleep.


Thinking of my dear quilting friend, Linda, currently ‘of no fixed abode’ (as they say in the classics), and feeling more than a little envious that she and her husband have managed to pare down their possessions to the number of boxes that will fit in a U-Haul truck.  How liberating, and quite a feat for a quilter! My fabrics and sewing tools are currently threatening to  edge me out the door of my study/sewing room!

Working on goodies for the annual St Luke’s Care fundraiser next month, and trying to put some of those fabrics and yarn to good use. Sneak peeks to come soon.


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