Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival–now it’s nomination time!

What a flurry of fabulous flaunts!

Pop on over to Amy’s Creative Side (you know you want to!) and take a look at the almost 600 quilts that quiltmaking bloggers the world over have entered in the Bloggers’ Spring Quilt Festival.  Make sure you’ve made yourself a nice cuppa, and a chocky bikkie or two, because you’re going to be there quite some time clicking on all those Mr Linky links.

Even if you haven’t entered a quilt you can still win a prize in Amy’s Random Giveaway just by leaving a comment at the end of her blog post. You’ll be in with a chance for one of the HUGE array of prizes any quilter would love! What generous sponsors!


The Bloggers’ Quilt Festival has now entered stage 2.

It’s Nomination time, so if you feel like nominating my quilt in the hand quilted or hand applique category (or any other category you think it qualifies for) I promise I won’t stand in your way Be right back . You can read more about “Alhambra Romance” here, and it’s entry #313 in the festival.

Here’s the Nomination form .

I love how Amy has created lots and lots of categories. She’s really trying hard to give everyone a chance.

Or perhaps I could just borrow my beautiful daughter-in-law’s red shoes (in the photo above), close my eyes, click my heels together and make a wish…? Winking smile


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  1. 600 quilts to look at? Well......tempting though it is, that's way too much computer time for me - when would I get to sew?


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