Thursday, December 8, 2011

A warm hug from home

It’s getting mighty cold in Virginia. *

As if my weather apps weren’t enough, the sight of a beanie-clad Sarah on my computer screen, snuggled under more and more layers of clothing each time we Skype, is a dead giveaway.

Though I‘m a little rusty on the knitting front, I’ve rummaged for my knitting needles and yarn and managed to knit up two cowls over the last month which I hope will keep her a little warmer.


This first one was my own design.


I’m new to circular needles, but it didn’t take long to master the technique. Don’t know why I’ve avoided them for so long really.


She’s currently living and working in Hokie territory, so maroon was a natural choice, but nothing could have induced me to include the other VT colour – orange! Sorry guys.


This cowl is quite versatile. It concertinas down to a sit comfortably around her neck, but can be pulled up over her head to keep her ears warm when she’s walking to and from the lab (or at a football game).


I made another one, too, using this easy free pattern from Revelry.


It’s not as wide and hugs the neck a little closer than the Hokie cowl.


That popcorn stitch adds style, and the crochet picot edging gives a nice finish.


I sent them off on their long journey in a “care package” last week, and I hear they’re already serving their purpose well Red heart


*It’s getting mighty cold here in Sydney (Australia) too, when we should be basking in summer sun. But that’s another story…


  1. Summer? what is this summer, of which you speak? Lovely warm cowls!

  2. They are lovely, Di - I especially like the one made from your own design. I agree, it's not very nice weather here in Sydney; but I got a call from mum yesterday, Moree was expecting another 200mm and they haven't finished the clean up from last week yet!

  3. Such pretty cowls! I'm sure Sarah is appreciating winter while wearing these beauties! We've just returned to Iowa from being in Florida, and we're wishing we were in Florida. It's not easy to adjust to cold whether it's expected (here) or not (there). I think it's time for you and me to rug up!

  4. Di both of these are simply beautiful - I especially love the maroon one. You did a great job designing that one! blessings, marlene


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