Friday, December 9, 2011

I never imagined I’d wake to this news

“Mum, I just heard on the radio there’s been a shooting at Virginia Tech and two people are dead”. My son’s phone call shocked me wide awake this morning.

I wouldn’t ordinarily be writing here on a subject so very remote from quilting, but having just told you yesterday that Sarah is a Hokie (a member of the VT community), I felt it was OK to share my feelings as a concerned mum on the other side of the world.

I immediately turned on Facebook for the VT updates, and put in a Skype call to Sarah in Blacksburg. It went unanswered.


It wasn’t until I reached her on her cell phone some minutes later that I was reassured. I knew she wasn’t hurt, but having heard that the university was in lock-down, with everyone warned to stay indoors and away from windows while the police searched for an armed gunman, I imagined her anxious and frightened.

Nope. That was just her mum.

With the calmness I should have expected from my Sarah she explained that she had left the general area of the shootings just 20 minutes before it happened, and was now waiting to hear when it would be safe for her to return.

VT has an impressive array of up-to-the-minute media alert systems that not only keep students and academic staff abreast of what’s happening on campus, but are a God-send for parents at times like these – especially parents like us on the other side of the world.

Not long after this I was extremely relieved to view this media conference.

The healing still continues from the 2007 massacre when 32 people were shot on the VT campus, and incidents like today’s easily shake out those dreadful memories. My heart goes out to the college community.

How desperately sad for the policeman’s family, and the family of the unidentified, but clearly troubled, gunman. May they be conscious of God’s arms around them in the midst of this tragedy.

So many questions – and so much we may never be able to explain.



  1. Oh Di....what can I glad to hear your daughter is safe, but like you I feel for the families of the other people caught up in the shootings.

  2. So glad your Sarah is safe...and calm. May God bless you Di and keep you and yours safe.

  3. I rarely watch the news so would have remained unaware of this situation if it hadn't been for blogland. Firstly, I praise the Lord that Sarah was not in the wrong place at the wrong time! His mercy is wonderful. Like you, I am concerned for everyone - the victims and their familes, the gunman and his family, and the students, teachers and staff and their families. May God's light shine through this darkenss.

  4. Di so sorry for all the VT community but TG that Sarah is fine...... what a terrible fright you and Boak must have had.

    When does Sarah arrive my end?
    hugz from Africa

  5. Oh Phew! I know your pain Di I've been there a couple of times with the London Underground Bombing on the Line Tom used every day and not being able to contact him for a couple of hours, then a plane down between Taiwan and Hong Kong at the same time Tom was doing that flight and waiting to hear again... his flight took off 5 mins after the one that went down! Such a relief for you all :-)


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