Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spoilt for choice–and just a little bit spoilt too!

For our final St Mark’s Quilters Saturday workshop of the year our industrious quilters arrived with sixteen stunning Blankets of Love to add to our collection. Sixteen more tiny quilts for parents to choose from for their babies needing special care in RPA’s Newborn Care nurseries, or tragically stillborn.

St Mark's Quilters Nov 20111-2

There was still more stitching to be done and fabric to choose from.


Then it was time for a Christmassy lunch in the garden, where once again we were spoilt for choice. The food our girls brought to share was amazing as everyone seemed to feel we wouldn’t have nearly enough sugar to keep our energy levels up for the day SmileSMQ Food Nov 2011

Santa had obviously made a visit overnight because we discovered a mysterious box in the hall when we arrived.


Look what we found inside – cupcake potholders! (Yes, there seems to be a recurring food “thread” here)

More choices. Blue, pink, aqua…?


Barb and Moo were uncharacteristically camera shy. Were they checking out Santa’s workmanship? Or planning their next quilt?


Michaela was happy with her choice.


And Margaret’s sure to put hers to good use when she bakes her next batch of scones.


Barb had little gifts for everyone too – goats’ milk soaps that she had handmade herself. She told us she’d even milked the goat! Surprised smileThere was a choice of rose or lemon myrtle scent, and each was presented in a Christmassy fabric bag.

A little bit of luxury – they looked so pretty on the table, and oh the delicious aroma!


Di B and I feel incredibly blessed by God to be part of such a wonderful group of friends, and look forward to more creative fun next year!




  1. I love those potholders, such fun! No doubt there is a pattern somewhere online....there seems to be for just about everything, these days.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all - the pot holders are cute and I love goat's milk soap.

    How wonderful that the parents at the Neo-Natal Unit get to choose and don't just have one given to them (as good as that would be)!


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