Sunday, December 25, 2011

A happy ending…

I thought you might enjoy this little postscript to my story about the St Mark’s Quilters’ visit to the Royal Prince Alfred Newborn Care nurseries last month.
On that day Dahlia Brigham, the Fundraising Manager for RPA Newborn Care introduced us to a rather special little group – baby Morgan and her family, from Melbourne – and filled us in on her background.

Photo from The Friends of RPA Newborn Care Newsletter
With their baby due in 13 weeks her parents, Leanne and Paul (from Melbourne) had been enjoying a last holiday on their own in September, a one week Pacific cruise, when it became clear that something was very wrong with the pregnancy. Despite the best efforts of the ship’s doctor and her obstetrician back home  Leanne started going into labour as the ship was entering Sydney Harbour.
When the ship docked at the Sydney Overseas Terminal an ambulance was waiting to rush Leanne and Paul to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and three hours later Morgan was born at just over 27 weeks’ gestation and weighing 1030 grams.
Morgan’s birth was dramatic but when we saw her on that sunny November morning she looked healthy and beautiful, peacefully curled up under a blanket against her Daddy’s bare chest with her Mummy and doting grandparents (who had flown up from Melbourne for the day) looking on.
Photo from The Friends of RPA Newborn Care Newsletter
Di B’s mother Margaret gave her a tiny pink beanie, and we all laughed at the way it came right down over her little face, it was so big on her.
But that’s not the end of the story.
Di B with Dahlia Brigham
When Di B and I went back two weeks ago to deliver the rest of our quilts to Dahlia, she told us that baby Morgan was doing so well that she had been moved from Intensive care in RPA to a smaller hospital in Victoria just 10 minutes from her home. Great news!
Then, as we stood there in the hospital car-park sorting the quilts into two piles, those destined to swaddle stillborn bubs, and those to go to the Newborn Intensive Care nurseries, all three of us had the same thought – we should send baby Morgan a quilt for Christmas!
Di and I looked at each other – we knew exactly which one to send!
The prettiest, girliest, daintiest quilt of the lot, with old fashioned floral fabrics and silk ribbon bows in the corners, and fittingly made by G, one of our beautiful quilters who lost a newborn bub herself many years before.
We hope Morgan’s parents will feel all the love that G stitched into this little quilt, and pray that Morgan will continue to thrive after the expert start in life she received from all the doctors and nurses at RPA Newborn Care.
This Christmas may you know the greatest love of all.


  1. It IS a happy ending. What a beautiful story, and so perfect for this blessed Christmas day. I am giving thanks for you, Di B, G and others in St. Mark's Quilters. Merry Christmas, and glory to God in the highest!

  2. What a lovely story, Di. God bless you all. I only wish I lived in the eastern suburbs instead of far out west so I could join you all!

  3. What a wonderful ending to a story which could so easily have ended up differently!

  4. I have goosebumps!! Merry Christmas!

  5. Boxing Day morning & I have a "lump in my throat", a beautiful story. We have just spent a lovely Christmas with our own granddaughter born 7 weeks happy for the Victorian family. Best wishes to you & the generous quilters at St Marks.

  6. Beautiful story and beautiful quilt...both little blessings :o)...thanks for sharing their story and the work of those quilters :o)


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