Monday, December 5, 2011

Butterflies, bugs and sunshine

I had butterflies on my mind after admiring Lynette’s latest finish when Ruth dropped in three more Blankets of Love to me last week, two with butterflies (and a couple of cheeky bugs)!



Ruth has been with us ever since we kicked off our quilting group with a Stitchin’ Mission two years ago, but sadly she had to move to another city early this year and we miss her. Fortunately for us, she still makes time to create baby quilts for us to give RPA Newborn Care, and for that we’re very grateful.


Ruth 1

The fabrics she’s used in this sweet blue and white one have a distinctly French flavour. Ooh la la Be right back


I’m off to “hang” these beauties in our virtual gallery (see the Blankets of Love tab).  Thank you very much, Ruth!


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  1. They are all lovely; that blue and white one is so simple and so effective.


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