Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy birthday, Sarah!


Sarah with Meerkats1

For many reasons this particular birthday is very special because after all these years of studying and peering into microscopes you’re finally about to set off for faraway places to achieve your dream (leaving us with a spare bedroom, and two cats we’d never have acquired but for you Confused smile)

Sarah in Lab

We’re going to miss you (as will  Satchmo and Poodie) but you deserve this opportunity.

Animal encounters1

Animal encounters

You’re creative, smart and pretty, you’re loyal to your friends and caring towards anyone with a heavy burden.

You’re sometimes a little too adventurous, but God has guided you and kept you safe over the years - even when you weren’t aware of it.

You’re not afraid to try something new, and you give 110% to every challenge you take on.

You have high ideals and want to change the human and animal world, one paw-print at a time.


In fact, you’re one of the very nicest people I know.

Happy Birthday, darling – Dad and I are so proud of you and hope your big adventure will be amazing!

(just don’t hug any hipposWinking smile)


  1. Are those meerkats? What an AWESOME shot!

  2. What a lovely post!! Those photos of Sarah hugging every type of animal are wonderful!! The world is Sarah's oyster!!

  3. What a beautiful young lady....but alligators? snakes? lions? Oh my - Mom and Dad must get a bit nervous from time to time! blessings, marlene


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