Saturday, September 24, 2011

Circles of Life

I needed another quilt project like a hole in the head, but when Jenny of Elefantz unveiled her new Block of the Month, Circles of Life, back in June I fell in love with it – and with the fabric range she chose. You might recall I wrote about it here.

(You might need to sit down before you read what I have to tell you next…)


In a complete reversal of my usual form, I’m actually keeping up with each BOM as it appears in my monthly Elefantz home online magazine!!!


This is the latest block, Circle of Life.


And these are my two previously finished blocks, Sewing Circle…


…and Circle of Friendship.IMG_0778

Working on these blocks has given me so much pleasure, as I think about the meaningful circles in my life.

It’s also been my pleasure – though in an entirely different way – to make these two blocks as a contribution to Sarah’s gift to Amy.




Take a look at Cathy’s blocks here. Sarah has been overwhelmed by the response to her call for blocks, such is the compassion and generosity of quilters the world over. She has more than 160 blocks, but is very happy to accept more.

Email her at for the details.

* * * * * * * * * *

And now I have a special request…

If you live in Blacksburg, Virginia, or know someone who lives there, could you please leave a comment below, with your email details? I’d like to ask you a question. 

Thank you,



  1. I have seen these and they are lovely...I had to fight the "opportunity" to NOT get involved!!!

    What fabric line is this that surrounds the blocks?

  2. Those Circles embroidery blocks are absolutely adorable. The colors are so fresh and spring-y which is the weather you are surely enjoying now. Your blocks for Mrs. Schmenkman are very pretty. How generous of you to make them.

  3. It's gorgeous! I love the fabrics but I think the embroidery is amazing. blessings, marlene


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