Monday, September 26, 2011

Using up, and cheering up

After singing the praises of Gail D in my previous post, today it’s another Gail’s turn in the spotlight – my friend Gail O, who generously hosts our English Quilters’ monthly get-togethers (along with group mascot, Evie).


Gail loves to challenge herself in quilting, and has recently turned these 100% cotton curtain fabric samples into a spectacular modern quilt for her son.




Under normal circumstances the samples would have been tossed out, but Gail took the time to trim off the sticky labels and use up these otherwise perfectly good pieces in a very imaginative way.


I think the purple triangles between the rows, and the paisley borders, provide the deep, dramatic perfect foil for her colour-washed strips.


Rae’s another friend with an eye for colour in quilts.  At this week’s get-together she was putting the finishing touches to a more traditional quilt for a friend in need of a good quilty hug.


Rae is usually a hand quilter, but she had this one professionally machine quilted in the ditch to save time. Leaving the squares free of quilting means the quilt is still nice and soft.



Bound in bias stripes, Rae’s quilt is all ready to be sent to its new owner.


Can you imagine how touched she’s going to be when she opens her surprise package?

I predict happy tears…



  1. Wow, Both of those quilts are just so beautiful!!! I predict both recipients will be overjoyed with such special gifts!!

  2. Two beautiful quilts! Lucky recipients. :)


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