Thursday, August 4, 2011

What a lucky duck!

Tonight this precious little man is off on a big jet plane, with his Mummy and Daddy, to enjoy a holiday in a country far away.


Though it’s summer there, it can still be a bit chilly. So Nanna (his great-grandma), Sarah (his aunty) and I (his grandma) each decided to make Jack something comforting and warm for the trip.

Nanna made him a beautiful blue woollen jumper. I know he liked it because he immediately reached out his little hand to stroke the soft texture. Ahh, there’s nothing like a hand-knitted jumper from Nanna.


Sarah decided Jack needed a light but snuggly flannelette quilt, to keep him warm.


She simply sandwiched two pieces of flannelette together – one plain red and the other featuring yellow ducklings – and quilted them with straight diagonal lines.


Then she bound it with a blue starry cotton, perfect for a little boy who needs a comforting snuggle as he travels.


I’m so proud at the way she’s mastered the art of the mitred corner …


Finally, I made Jack a pair of crocheted sneaker-style booties so his little toes won’t get cold.




Bye bye, Jack – what a lucky duck!IMG_0730



  1. What a stylish little boy he'll be in his cosy jumper and groovy sneaker booties. What a simple but wonderful quilt! And yes that's a mitered corner worth showing off!!

  2. Just have to add, Lovely new header!!

  3. What a lucky little man!!! I love his new jumper and his duckie blanket, but I am esp. smitten with those sneaker slippers!! How cute are they??

  4. So sweet :D He's sure to enjoy his vacation in super snuggliness, now. :D

  5. Lucky duck, indeed! Jack's so cute, and his attire - sweater and "shoes" - will just make him all the cuter. Sarah did a wonderful job on that quilt. I'm sure that binding was put on "just so." Very nicely done! I hope she's been bitten by the quilt bug.


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