Friday, August 12, 2011

A little fun with 3D photos

Since this post several enquiring minds have pressed me for more information about how we might be able to view the photos taken by my brother’s 3D camera on my blog and I, in turn, have pressed him for more information.

Here’s what he wrote…

The easiest way I’ve found to view stereoscopically on a computer screen, without special glasses, is to look at a pair of side-by-side images which have been created stereoscopically- one image is the left eye’s view of a scene and the other is from the right eye’s perspective. 

Stare at the vertical line between the two images then go cross-eyed until the left one overlaps the right one in the centre of your vision, creating a central 3D view of the scene, with a fuzzy image either side in your peripheral vision which you ignore. 

With a bit of practice these will ‘pop’ into 3D easily, but first up the difficulty may be in holding stable with the right amount of cross-eyedness.
Persevere, it’s fun.

Being an extremely obliging chap he’s even sent me three of his own photos, set up using StereoPhotomaker software to cleverly auto-align pairs of images for cross-eyed viewing.

Are you game?

[I need to warn you of the usual risks in making you eyes go cross-eyed, and point out that it’s entirely your choice whether you try this or not]


Just stare at that centre line until your eyes relax and go cross-eyed. The good news is that once you manage to see this first image in 3D you should have no trouble getting it in the other two photos.


Is it working for you yet?


If your eyes haven’t popped out of their sockets yet and you’d like to try this out on more 3D images take a look at this gallery.

The cross-eyed option’s already selected, so just click on any thumbnail for your image pair.
Now I’m off to pop an ice pack on my eyes Confused smile


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  1. I did it! I did it! I read "Is it working for you yet?" twice too! It's like a magical illusion book that we used to have. Some people can make it work quickly - like me - but I know others who just don't get it. Thanks for the fun! I haven't ever seen this on the Internet!


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