Saturday, August 13, 2011

And here’s the snuggly one


Michelle spent a lot of time on her knees at our June St Mark’s Quilters workshop, not praying Be right back but auditioning strips of pastel flannel “tiles” to find a layout she liked.


After much deliberation she settled on this, strips in a single colour grouping sewn side by side.

At least that’s what we thought…IMG_0074

But in a “light bulb” moment at home later she came up with this winning configuration instead, and today she brought along her finished project.

Don’t you just love those blocks of gentle colour?


To make it even more tactile Michelle’s sewn it as a raggy quilt. You can guess what all our quilters did today as soon as they saw it - stretched out a hand to stroke those raggy seams, of course!


Being a larger quilt, this one will probably join our collection for the children at the KU Marcia Burgess Autism Specific Early Learning & Care Centre at Liverpool (affectionately known as “The Marcia”), hopefully to be treasured loved to pieces by a little person who’s absolutely enchanted by its soft touch.



  1. really like this and a great way to use scraps...BUT a group is also needed to make all of those little cuts!! thanks for sharing...

  2. I just love the final colour grouping. This quilt is gorgeous.

  3. What a wonderful flannel quilt! It's so pretty and looks so tempting!


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