Sunday, August 28, 2011

Progress on “The Quilt Formerly Known As Joseph’s Coat or Waiting for Russell”

The two quilts look very much the same in the end, but just as several of us in the English Quilt group were collecting our fabrics together to make Kellie Wolfsohn’s glorious “Joseph’s Coat” applique quilt late last year Jill spotted Sandra Dart’s pieced version, “Waiting for Russell”, in Australian Patchwork & Quilting Vol 19 No 7 and we unanimously decided to go the piece-able way.



Jill’s using teals and earth tones to co-ordinate with a bedspread she has.



Gail’s using dainty Liberty lawns, including a few from the Victoria & Albert Museum’s limited editions.



Lyn opted for pastels with a 1930s feel.



Anne’s using Kaffe Fassett fabrics exclusively in blues of every variety – from cobalt to sky to aquamarine.



- and mine is in brights, many of them also Kaffes.


With only about a dozen blocks left to piece I’ve been giving some thought  as to how I’ll tackle the quilting.


I’d almost decided machine quilting was the way to go for a fast finish when Robbie arrived at our get-together last week with hers completed, hand-quilted and bound while all the rest of us are still in the process of putting our quilts together.

Isn’t this an absolute stunner of a quilt!




IMG_0839Robbie’s is cot-sized and mine will be bigger, but I’m so in love with the softness of her hand quilting and the wonderful antique-like texture that I’ve done a complete (figurative Rolling on the floor laughing) back-flip and decided this quilt deserves nothing less than to be hand-quilted.

Oh dear, and I have so much spare time (not!).


Now all we need is a name for this delightful quilt. The name Sandra Dart chose seems a little too personal (I’m not sure I need a quilt named after her husband on my bed Be right back) but in the magazine she’s written:

“This quilt pattern is known by several names including Tea Leaf, Lover’s Knot and Lafayette Orange Peel. With such a diverse range of names, you can choose the one you like best.”

Will you help me decide? Which name do you like best?



  1. They are all 'stunners'. Love the fabrics everyone chose.

  2. Those lovely bright Kaffe fabrics done in that way reminds me of Gypsy Wagons and their wheels. What about Gypsy Rover?

  3. It's so much fun to see your quilts! I wish I could share such progress with my own. Robbie's finish is really pretty, and hand quilting is wonderful, but are you sure that's what you want to do? Timewise, machine quilting is best, and you could still quilt a beautiful design. Just sayin'...
    Your quilt is fabulous! Truly! I love your bright colors.

    Take a bit of each name to make your own: Tea Lover's Orange Peel, or Knot Orange Tea, or Joe's Waiting Lover!

  4. I think your quilts are wonderful - I must look out this edition and try it - I like the "Lover's Knot" name for it - as they look like a lot of work goes into them. Pauline G of Phoenxiheirlooms.blogspot

  5. Is there anywhere I could get this pattern? I know you have given us the book no. etc. but do you know of anyone who is willing to part with their magazine if they no longer need it? I would SO LOVE to do this quilt - the pieced way of course.


  6. Do you have any advice for putting the blocks together? I'm having a heck of a time with it.


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