Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At a time like this …

…your first instinct is to do something, anything, to soothe the hurt.


If you read Amy’s blog (Mrs Schmenkman Quilts) you’ll be aware by now that her dear husband passed away yesterday.

He was so young, so talented, and so brave, and Australian designer Sarah Fielke is organising something special from the quilting community for Amy and her daughter Annabel. If you’d like to join us in this outpouring of love for them email Sarah sarah@sarahfielke.com and she’ll send you details.

My prayers go out to all my US blog friends, too, who’ve been affected by Hurricane Irene. So many deaths, floods, power outages and damage to crops it’s difficult to fathom the magnitude of this damage.



  1. I read Amy's very sad sad news. I hope she feels the love and support from the blogging community. Hurricane Irene has been terrible, my prayers go to everyone affected too.

  2. Di, this is so sweet - I was saddened at Amy's news.

  3. How wonderful that Australians knew Amy too. She's our "May Girl" in our "One Block Over" group. I'm sure Amy's in a world of grief right now. Your support and what Sarah is doing, will be a balm.


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