Monday, March 1, 2010


An older lady in one of my stitching groups recently gave me a bag of treasures – quilting books and magazines dating back to the 1970s.  An avid embroiderer but no longer quilting, she had held onto these precious books for many years, but when we had known each other a little while she offered them to me.  What a privilege.

I’m having a lovely time perusing the pages of the old Quilter’s Newsletter Magazines, seeing which designs were popular back then(definitely sampler quilts) and being intrigued by the pre-rotary cutting methods quilters used.

I know this dear lady wants no thanks, but I wanted to show her my appreciation by making her a little gift, a pouch for her embroidery scissors.IMG_3249I’m a self-taught embroiderer (with all the bad habits that one accumulates), and I thank P for recently showing me some of the finer points of shadow embroidery, so it seemed fitting that I shadow-embroider her initial on the front of the pouch.IMG_3251 And just because I love pink (and bows!) here’s how I embroidered the back.IMG_3254


I’ve popped a little pair of embroidery scissors in, and will give the pouch to P tomorrow.

These designs, by the way,  came from a beautiful book – Stunning Stitches, by Primrose Andersen - given to me by my precious friend Moo several years ago.

Aren’t I blessed to have such generous women in my creative life?

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  1. Your stitchery is lovely, Di! It's just like you: sweet and pretty. P will certainly love it.

    Enjoy going through those old QNMs. I think it's the best reference magazine that's still on the market. It's the only magazine title I have not given away during my purging.


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