Sunday, March 7, 2010

Here’s another one

This one’s even easier.  Can you spot the two items missing here? IMG_3324 Look a little closer.IMG_3325For generations two handsome carriage lamps have illuminated the great West Door of St Mark's Darling Point (Sydney, Australia), part of the fabric of Colonial Architect Edmund Blacket's original building.

They are of huge historic value, and have lit the path for worshippers of all kinds, including royalty and prime ministers, to say nothing of their sentimental value to us all. 

Only this morning did we realise that, along with the plumbing items, they’ve been stolen too.

So if you’re given to fossicking in antique or second-hand shops may I ask you to look out for these very distinctive painted carriage lamps?Top.BMP Top-1.BMP

Please ring St Mark’s Church Office (02 9363 3657) if you have any information that can help. Top-2.BMP


  1. Good heavens, Di - what next? What is the world coming to?

  2. how awful....sorry to read of this


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