Monday, March 29, 2010

At my house I've been making gifts

Moo had a birthday last week, and since she’s blaming me, loudly and often, for her new addiction, quilting, I thought I’d better make her some pretty accessories to help her cope.
First I stitched up a string-pieced needle case (front and back shown here).
Then I made a scissor case and bought a pair of stork scissors to pop inside.IMG_3484Finally I created a thread-catcher, and filled it with possibly the most important ingredient for a happy stitching session – chocolate!IMG_3482   IMG_3490 If you’re the tiniest bit observant you’ll notice the theme fabric I’ve used for all Moo’s goodies.  A couple of years ago I came upon this “moo” fabric,  and just had to have some. 
In fact I bought enough to make gifts for my friend Moo for a long time to come!

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  1. Gorgeous. What a lovely and useful present! Thanks for playing along today. Lou.

  2. Love that "moo" fabric (I remember seeing it here a few years ago), and it's perfect for your sweet Moo. Love the things you made. You're so thoughtful!

  3. Very very cute and are very nice gifts.
    Moo will love them especially with that special fabric.

  4. Di, I really like your style :-) Pennie


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