Saturday, February 20, 2010

…and he’s off!

IMG_3170Blurry?  Of course the picture’s blurry! 

Putting aside my obvious shortcomings in the photography area, have you ever seen an 8 month old labrador who’s delirious with excitement at being both out of his cage and off his leash for the first time in 6 weeks?

Round and round our back garden Chester ran at full tilt!  (Sorry, Dr David, he just couldn’t be stopped – until I waved a liver treat at him!)

Chalk up another success for Dr David Lidbetter.  We’re so very grateful!


  1. I am sitting here smiling for Chester and your family, there is going to be no stopping him now.

  2. Yay for Chester! So good to hear he's all fixed.

  3. Great news, Di! Well done team Chester!

  4. Rejoicing with Chester! :) blessings,marlene


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