Thursday, January 14, 2010


Last Wednesday, while Chester was undergoing surgery, and I was feeling particularly anxious about what lay ahead, I spent some time Googling canine hip replacements (as you do).

I came upon this heartwarming story. Lacey is a beautiful golden retriever who was rescued from a neglectful home by Wendy Donohue and Trisha Jarvis of the Golden Retriever Rescue Society here in Sydney. I know, you’re probably wondering, as we all do, why anybody would mistreat one of these gentlest of dogs (or any dog, for that matter).

She had the worst case of hip dysplasia (in both hips) that the examining vet had ever seen, and had been compensating by taking all her weight on her knees. Poor Lacey needed two new hips as well as a new knee! And guess who performed this life-changing surgery for her – Chester’s specialist veterinary surgeon, Dr David Lidbetter!

Of course it couldn’t all happen at once. She had her first hip replacement on 23rd September last year, and Lacey is now 6 weeks post-surgery on her second hip. What an inspiration!

But it gets better. Who should we meet, when we were at Dr David’s surgery this week with Chester, but Trisha (L) and Wendy (R) – with Lacey!IMG_2845 Please take a look at the Golden Retriever Rescue Inc website and marvel at the caring work these wonderful ladies, and a huge team of volunteers including my dear friend Di - IMG_2636 - do to help link these beautiful dogs up with suitable owners. They aim to find them “forever homes”.

I’ll be following Lacey’s progress, as she is just 5 weeks ahead of Chester. Wendy and Trisha had more exciting news, too, of an upcoming TV story to be filmed about their star patient. Stay tuned for more!


  1. Animal rescue people are wonderful! My DD's 2 dogs are rescued dogs (Hunter Animal Rescue) and she became involved with rescue work when she got her first.

  2. I also have a golden retreiver, that we rehomed thru the Golden Retreiver Club here in New Zealand. I am appalled that some breeders are still breeding goldens knowing that there is a history of Hip displasia running in the family. Cody is our second retriever and comes from good breeding stock as did our first. They both share the smae grandfather but are as different in personality as chalk and cheese. Cody is in his forever home with us even though due to his upbringing is not as friendly we laughingly say he is "autistic". I am following Chesters story with great interest.


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