Monday, January 11, 2010

Chester Day 6 – OK, I’ve had enough!

That’s what poor Chester seems to be telling us today.

He’s been a bit restless, like a little kid after a few days in bed. Only it’s harder to keep a puppy amused and stimulated.IMG_2814 No amount of sitting and paw-holding would calm him for long.

Dr David had said we could increase his sedative, and I think it’s time.


  1. Poor, poor Chester. My heart just aches for him. Don't you wish you could TELL him, so he'd understand? Thank you for sharing your journey through all this. You're remarkably caring and patient. Certainly your household is "Bondi Vet" AKA "Darling Point Vet" in the making!

  2. Oh the poor darling! Those eyes are just so sad :( Poor little guy, here's to a speedy recovery. Lucie xx

  3. Poor you know how much longer it will be until he can use his leg?

  4. am glad to read that chester is doing better now...and more sedate!


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