Monday, January 11, 2010

Chester Day 3 - Confinement

This has to be the original “hang-dog” look! Poor Chester!

IMG_2779 Running, jumping, even walking more than a few steps, is strictly forbidden, so Chester is confined to our small laundry. Most doggy THR patients spend their recovery in a “crate” (or cage) but David felt that by simply restricting him to this little room, and binding his leg up in a sling, we’d minimise his weight-bearing.

IMG_2785 As if this wasn’t enough to spoil his fun, by now poor Chester was sporting an Elizabethan collar designed to make it impossible for him to do damage to his stitches.

However, after spending all morning sitting beside him on the floor, stroking him and making soothing noises – the only way we could keep him off his leg – we decided we just couldn’t keep this up 24/7 for 6 weeks. It was time to crate him.

Again, I doubt if Chester feels the same sense of relief as we do now that he’s safely confined to his new quarters.IMG_2809

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