Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One happy pup!

Last Wednesday, while 2 people held down our exuberant 7 month old pup, Chester, who just wanted to lick everyone in sight because he was so happy, vet nurse Alyssa took out his stitches. 

This means there is no great necessity for our patient to wear his rather fetching Elizabethan collar any more.  He must continue to be a good boy and resist the impulse to have a good scratch at the scar (and we all know how strong that urge can be, don’t we?), but so far so good.

Dr David watched him as he was walked on a lead a little way along the street, and was very happy with what he saw. 


IMG_2897Good boy, Chester! 

No more bumping against the sides of the cage every time you turn around.  Eating dinner will be much easier too – though we noticed you didn’t let that cumbersome collar affect your ability to lick up every last drop!


  1. So good to see Chester healing well! I bet he's pleased too.

  2. Such good news. :) He looks a perfect angel there.


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