Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life's Little Mysteries #4 - Somebody's thrown in the towel!

One of the aspects of near-city living I've had to get used to is having the flotsam and jetsum of the neighbourhood abandoned on my stone wall or tossed onto my garden beds. This never happened when we lived in suburbia. You'll have read of other such finds here and here, and today it was this towel from a popular, but rather expensive, gym.

Now why do you think it was tossed onto the top of my 2.5 metre high retaining wall?

Do you think the exercise regime became just too hard for someone? Or perhaps the WEC (World Economic Climate) forced them to cut down on extravagances like aerobics classes or personal training?

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  1. If you look very carefully, there is some poor soul standing on his balcony looking extremely forlorn. Just as he went out onto the balcony of his high rise apartment to retrieve the towel, a strong gust of wind blew his adored fitness towel off the rail where it had been drying!


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