Saturday, December 20, 2008

Most Christmassy blog? - Please vote NOW!

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Over at her place Sooziii has been running her annual competition for the best Chrissy-decorated blogs, and now it's decision time.

I barely have time to wrap my family's gifts, clean the house, shop for Christmas food or prepare the bountiful meal expected of any caring mother at Christmas. Yet, mysteriously enough, I've found time to enter into the holiday fun, decking my blog with boughs of holly, swags of lights and glistening baubles. Go figure!!!

Others (as well as Sooziii herself) who've indulged in this seasonal frivolity are:

* Susan in Stitches
* The Faerie Queen
* Jackie's Jam Session
* That Grrl
* Aubirdwoman
* Quilty Threads...
* Come What May
* Snippets 'n Scraps (That's me - you're here!)

- and now it's decision time! You are invited to make yourself a hot chockie drink (or pour yourself a cold lemon lime and bitters if you're here in Australia), take a seat and take a long look at these nine beautiful blogs, full of Christmas cheer, creativity, laughter, and a little nostalgia.

If you can possibly choose between them, Sooziii would like you to pop on over to her blog and cast your vote for the best-decorated, most Christmassy blog.

These blogs are written by honest, authentic women, struggling with life's realities yet courageous enough to share themselves with us.

In my my opinion you're all winners, girls!!!


  1. You bet we all are, Di! But it sure helps that we have such great cyber friends.

  2. absolutely! well said Di!
    and have a good day on Thursday :]


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