Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the season - for the Kris Kringle!

Today I went to my first break-up of the season, that of my 'bijou' quilt group, Paddington Quilters. Not only are these girls deft with a needle, talented designers, great encouragers, warm carers, generous sharers, and a wonderful way to begin a week, but they are some of the most creative gift-wrappers around.
In the Kris Kringle I chose Charlyn's gorgeously-wrapped gift, but was so excited that I completely forgot to photograph it closely before I opened it.
Hers is that puff of clear cellophane glistening invitingly in the background of the photo above. Charlyn added a tiny bit of opulence - a sprinkling of palest flesh-pink petals from her "Pierre de Ronsard" rose bush, nestling in the folds of the cellophane - delicious!!!
And just look what was inside...

This exquisite little pump-pack not only contains enough delicately scented body lotion to take me through the summer and beyond, but will look fabulous in my 'boudoir'.

Thank you Charlyn, and thank you Paddington Quilters for your friendship!

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