Monday, March 17, 2008

Life's Little Mysteries #1 - Competition results

Quality, rather than quantity, was the best way to describe this competition's entries, as a handful of keen blog-buddies exercised their imaginations to suggest how a huge bunch of fresh lillies came to be dumped over my front fence last week.

Suggestions were varied - jilted lovers, a shy suitor, God, and the Easter Froggy! All made me smile, and I found it impossible to choose the best. So I felt it was fairest to decide the winner by a draw.

I wrote the names of every entrant on a card, and popped them into a shopping bag.

Then I asked my favourite barrel-girl to draw a card out of the bag. As you can see, she took her responsibility quite seriously.

(It's all in the way you hold your mouth)

Can you see whose name is on the card?


  1. Best barrel girl on the planet!
    Congrats to Christine, but how about letting us read them, too, Di?

  2. Lindi, you'll find all the entries in the now-moderated comments under the original post "Life's Little Mysteries #1".


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