Monday, March 10, 2008

Life's Little Mysteries #1

Yesterday afternoon I discovered a huge bunch of luscious pink lillies hiding in the shrubbery in my front garden bed, as if they had just been tossed over the stone wall from the footpath. None of my family admitted to ownership of this delightful bundle, so I popped them into my two biggest vases and we've been enjoying them ever since.

Serendipitously, we are having a family birthday celebration tonight, so these lovelies are very welcome.

How did they come to be there? That's what I'd like to know. Can you tell me your theory, in 25 words or less?

If you'd like to exercise your 'grey matter' - and win an insubstantial prize for the best suggestion (funniest/most outrageous..) - please leave your contribution in my comments box up till midnight Friday (14th). I'll announce the winner next Monday (17th).


  1. They're probably an early gift from the Easter Froggy.

  2. Lily lily in the shrubbery from whence did you appear? Was it friend or was it foe? Was it a good samaritan or was it someone unhappy? Were you from man or were you from God? God created the beautiful lilies and used a messenger to give you pleasure.....

  3. The boyfriend was on his way home with a bunch of flower when his phone rang. It was the girlfriend - they argued, so he threw the flowers in your garden!

    sorry I couldn't make it any shorter!

  4. Joan emailed me with this contribution because she didn't know how to leave a comment:
    "I think you have a secret admirer who lost their courage at the thought of
    seeing your beauty up close and left the flowers for you anyway."

  5. I'm saving up the other comments until after the 'close of play', so if you've sent me one it's OK, I have them in a file! - didn't think Joan's would show up when I added it! OOps.

  6. a besotted young man bought flowers for his sweetheart.

    she broke up with him via text message, and you ended up with the bouquet. didn't say it had to be one sentence!!! LOL

  7. Charlie loves Betty.
    Charlie buys Lilies.
    Betty favours Dandelion.
    Charlie finds out.
    Charlie chucks Lilies over fence.
    Charlie grabs Dandelions along footpath.

    Betty loves Charlie.

  8. Pam ( me this comment...

    Hi Di,
    I think A handsome young man had bought the Lily's for His Love, But when she spurned his love, he tossed them over the wall secretly hoping some body would rescue them and enjoy there beauty.


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