Sunday, March 16, 2008

As exciting as....

...watching grass grow!

Last Sunday in creche we were talking about how God makes us grow, and I came up with this simple but fun craft idea.
The children and I made these grasshead faces on plastic disposable plates.
I drew faces on their plates with a felt pen. Then we snipped some of those little circular make-up remover pads in half, placed the halves around the top of the plate where the hair would be, poured a little water on, just enough to dampen the cotton wool, and sprinkled grass seeds over.
Then they took them home with instructions to place the plate on a sunny window sill and water it a little every day.

Tiny green shoots appeared on Wednesday, and this is what mine looked like by today - lovely long spiky green "hair".
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  1. Di's Scatterday?
    Why yes!
    Take a round Laughing face, a Lunch plate, and work them with the tool of Love!

    ...and you end up with green hair! LOLOLOLOL


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