Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day

This was the message stamped on the tablecloth at the restaurant - cute!

I spent today with two of my loves!

This afternoon I started a new quilt, in a class with a bunch of my dearest quilting buddies. Now, don't try to tell me I still have (at least) two unfinished projects because I simply won't listen. This quilt is gorgeous - a scrappy reproduction medallion quilt which will take as many varied pieces of fabric as I can collect. The photo below is my central medallion piece, from Julie Wallace's Saint Croix Collection for Yuwa Fabrics. I love its dusty pinks - and I'm even warming to the rusty browns.

The top photo is my first love, though - my darling husband, Boak. I snapped him while we were sitting in the garden sipping champagne and nibbling pate in the cool of the early evening, before he took me out to dinner at a little local eatery. A heavenly way to finish the day!

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