Sunday, February 25, 2007

Stash expansion

I hadn't intended to buy anything at the Australasian Quilt Convention, but those fabric pheromones seduced me. Fortunately the new scrappy reproduction quilt I've just started needs small amounts of many different fabrics - so I have an excuse to pick up the odd fat quarter.

I was congratulating myself for only picking up half a dozen fat quarters and a bundle of charm squares - until I unpacked my bag. As you can see from the photo those pheromones deceived me again.

On the way to board my Virgin flight home I was stopped by a female inspector for a random explosives check. After I had passed the bag check as well as the wand-over-the clothing test, I smiled and quipped that I had only been to a quilt show. Oh dear, she was not amused.

By comparison, the two policemen who were peering into the hall when I arrived in the morning, and who asked me what was happening, were astonished at the eyecatching quilts displayed by stallholders and the steady stream of excited quilters passing through the doors.

"So, is this quilting popular?" one of them asked me. I educated him.

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  1. Fabric pheromones! I *knew* there was something complelling me... stronger than my will... resistance.. isss... futile!


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