Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Do you like my finished quilt?

No, I'm not referring to this beautiful creation in aqua, teal and white, carefully hand appliqueed by my friend Gay and machine quilted by Nic Bridges http://nicquiltz.blogspot.com/. Gay brought it to Paddington Quilters this morning for "Show and Tell" and we all agreed that it has prize-winning potential! Nic and Gay won first prize for a collaborative quilt at Birmingham the year before last, and the girls at Paddingtom Quilters will be watching to see if this stunner repeats that success.

If you look carefully, though, you'll see a tiny part of the border of Lachy and Merry's wedding quilt, "Alhambra Romance" which I've finally finished quilting - 4 months after their wedding day.
Later note: I've just posted a photo of Lachy and Merry (above) with their quilt the day before their wedding, just after I had given it to them. Yes, I know it appears finished - but I had actually just quilted it lightly all over, as well as around the borders so that I could bind it. It hung in the marquee at their wedding reception, then I whisked it away so that I could finish quilting around every "tile". It was inspired by the tiles on a wall of the Alhambra in Spain, which they visited on the overseas holiday when Lachy proposed to Merry. They were married on the 10th day of the 10th month, exactly 10 years after their first date! You can't rush these things....

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