Friday, February 2, 2007

A day at the Golf Championships

Today I went to the Australian Women's Open Golf Championships with two lovely friends - and realised why I'll never be a proper golfer. These beautiful, fit and dedicated young women not only played eighteen holes under extraordinarily challenging conditions, but then wound down by retiring to the driving range to whack away at more than a few more buckets of balls. I would have been up in the clubhouse relaxing with a long, cool gin and tonic!

Much to my disappointment cameras were not allowed, but I still wanted to bring you a taste of this exciting event. So I offer this photo ... The ball here is not unlike one of the balls used by the players - it's white, round, and has dimples. The grass, too, bears a striking resemblance to the grass at Royal Sydney - it's green. But that's where the similarity ends. Those beautiful, undulating fairways, which we were permitted to cross at certain points, were so clipped and finely groomed I just wanted to lie down on their cool green carpet. I've never seen grass like it!

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